Natural Products for Glowing and Younger Looking Skin

Using natural products for glowing and younger looking skin is very important for maintaining your facial beauty and youthful looks. New wrinkle creams, lotions, and gels in the market that makes big promises abound in stores. But do they deliver? No! Not really. But you can find the right products to hold back the hands of time as you age. Wrinkles can be diminished or reduced, too! And some damage can be undone. Here is your complete guide to natural products for glowing and younger looking skin. Big Promises; No Results A majority of the new wrinkle cream manufacturers (even (more…)

Rejuvenate Aging Skin

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on skin care products that promise to erase wrinkles, lighten age spots, and eliminate itching, flaking, or redness. In other words, we empty our pockets to rejuvenate aging skin. But is the answer to spend lots of money or is it to change our lifestyle? Perhaps the simplest and cheapest way to keep your skin healthy and young-looking is to stay out of the sun and to stop smoking – two of the major causes of aging skin and facial wrinkles. As we grow older, the effects of our lifestyle habits become more (more…)

Be Your Own Miracle Maker

Here’s a fascinating secret about miracles: You can’t necessarily always place an order for magic at will, but you can deliberately create the conditions to create the Love, Money, Body & Spirit You Want. Here’s how to be your own Miracle Maker. Create the Love, Money, Body & Spirit You Want Although you can’t order magic at will, you can deliberately create the conditions – environment, atmosphere and attitude – that make miracles a thousand times more likely to occur. Want to know how you can create a miracle-friendly world? By taking these practical steps, you will bring magic into (more…)

Mushin – Peak Performance States in Aikido Philosophy

In Aikido we learn how to enter into a peak performance state that in the Japanese arts is known as “mushin.” In Seishindo work, we often call “mushin” a state of “embodied presence.” What is Mushin? “Mushin” is similar to the term “flow state” as used by many people to describe the conditions for peak performance. For several years now I have been defining “embodied presence/mushin” as follows: “When the structure of your body is balanced, and your thinking mind is fully present but not engaged in any form of internal dialogue, you will tend to release any extraneous thoughts (more…)

Homemade Carpet Cleaners

OMG! This may be your reaction after knocking over a glass of wine on your beige carpet. Then you may think, “It’s going to cost me a fortune” to have it cleaned. But wait! It won’t cost you a ton of money to clean your carpet. Not if you mix up one of our homemade carpet cleaners yourself. Be aware that like floors, carpets will receive a lot of abuse over its years of use. Stains on a carpet are an eyesore.  Dust, dirt, stains, spills, pet urine, and similar stuff are going to adversely affect the way your carpet (more…)