Get Fit at Home

Get fit at home

Thousands of people a year want to lose weight and get fit. They enroll in expensive gyms with high fees, hiring personal trainers, or running endlessly on treadmills. However, there are ways to get fit at home if you have the right equipment. By following these simple tips, you can get fit without ever venturing out your door.

Following a get-fit-at-home program will help you get in better shape and reduce your risks of developing many serious health conditions. Here you will learn more about fitness and how you can adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Exercise

According to Healthline, exercise can –

  • Make you feel happier,
  • Help you with weight loss,
  • Improve your muscles and bones,
  • Increase your energy levels,
  • Reduce your risk of chronic disease,
  • Improve your skin health,
  • Help your brain health and memory.
  • Relax you and improve sleep quality,
  • Improve your balance,
  • Increase your stamina,
  • Reduce your pain, and
  • Promote a better sex life.

Safety First

Always work out safely. Fitness is an excellent way of adopting a healthy lifestyle, but you could injure yourself if you do not work out correctly. Always stretch every muscle in your body for a few minutes before and after a workout.

Take breaks when you need to and stop what you are doing right away if you experience pain while doing any exercise. Do your best to adopt a proper posture.

At-Home Fitness Assistance

Get fit at home doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. You can hire a professional trainer to help you with doing exercises correctly. Many trainers will come to your home to assist you. There are multiple websites to help you with your search.

You can also find at-home fitness videos to get you started with at-home exercises. They abound on YOUTUBE. Professional exercise videos can also be found at websites like

But best of all, you can find excellent, free videos and instructions on the AARP website and on NIH’s Go4Life website. For example:

  • My favorite on AARP is an article titled “13 Moves to Make You Healthier and Stronger.” It combines strength training exercises with many daily activities, like vacuuming your home or playing with the grandkids.
  • I also like this video from the Go4Life website titled “7 Strength, Balance, and Flexibility Exercises for Older Adults from Go4Life.” I’ve included it here so you can quickly begin to get fit at home.


How to Get Fit at Home

First: Warm Up

Stretch thoroughly before starting a workout. If you have ever participated in organized sports, any team stretch will do. If not, do these stretching steps:

  1. Stretching down and touch your toes.
  2. Stand up and stretch to each side, coming to a standing up position between side stretches.
  3. To prevent hurting your back, stand up and stretch down to each side.
  4. Sit down and stretch to each side, then stretch forward.

Afterward, put the soles of your feet together and bring them in by wrapping your hands around your toes and pushing your calves down with your elbow.

Look online for additional stretches. Hold each stretch position for at least 15 seconds (counting to 15 is about 15 seconds). Breathe deeply as your stretch.

Second: Cardiovascular

Do a cardiovascular workout to get your heart beating faster. This can include:

  • Walking (quickly) on a treadmill,
  • Running up and down the stairs,
  • Shadow boxing,
  • Jogging or running on a treadmill, or
  • Jumping a rope.

Be careful while running, even on a treadmill, and be mindful of where your feet are landing and how you are breathing.

Third: Upper Body and Upper Abdomen

Next, do pushups, pull-ups, chin-ups, and crunches to work your upper body and upper abdomen. These do not require any kind of equipment. However, you’ll want to do these exercises on a sturdy bar or surface.

Warning: Get fit at home does not mean taking risks. Coat racks in closets, door frames, and balcony railings are not safe places to do pull-ups or chin-ups.

Fourth: Lower Body and Legs

Do squats, lunges, and jumping jacks to work your lower body and legs. These are easy to do indoors. So it’s easy to do them every day, regardless of your environment.

I suggest that you not do them in an office while wearing your work clothes. You can easily split your pants.

Fifth: Abdominal Muscles (Abs)

Do crunches, leg raises, and reverse crunches to work on your abdominal muscles (abs). These are also easy to do at home.

Be mindful of not pushing your head up with your hands while you do crunches, as this can cause neck strain.

Sixth: Cool Down

Finish with a thorough stretching routine. This final exercise will prevent injury.

Fitness Tips for Better Health

Drink Water

First and foremost, drink plenty of water all day, and during, before, and after your workouts. This will help you to lose weight and stay hydrated and healthy during your workout. Dehydration has multiple side effects. See “The Health Consequences of Dehydration”.             ).

Lose Weight

If you’re overweight, try to lose a few pounds, especially in your midsection. It’s best to lose the weight before doing vigorous cardio workouts.

Begin by doing exercises that work on your midsection twice a week for about 30 minutes. Do plenty of abs and crunches to lose some weight in your midsection. A slimmer midsection will make working out a lot easier and will improve your endurance.

If you’ve not been exercising at all, start slowly. As you gain strength, try working out for longer time spans and more frequently. But do it at your own pace.

Buy Equipment

Consider investing in a treadmill or an exercise bike. This will enable you to do better cardio workouts at home.

Proceed at your own speed!

There are many fitness programs and workout routines designed by professionals, but you will get better results and be more likely to stick to it if you create your own exercise routine.

Take all the time you need to get used to your new active lifestyle.

Go at Your Own Speed

Set some reasonable weekly or monthly goals for your program, such as adding one exercise to each routine, doing more reps of your usual exercises or working out one additional day a week. If your goal is to lose weight, be reasonable and do not try losing more than 2 pounds a week.

Increase Daily Activity

Try to be more active throughout your entire day. Working out several times a week will help you get in shape, but adopting a healthier lifestyle overall is essential to a healthier lifestyle and to staying younger as you age.

One example would be to find a hobby that allows you to be active during your evenings instead of sitting in front of the TV. Or you could even do some easy exercises while you watch TV.


These tips will help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and get in shape. Use them to develop your own fitness program, and you will get noticeable results. You will have more energy and feel younger.

If you work hard and push yourself, you will see some results without even leaving your home. In other words, get fit at home.

This is particularly important if you feel self-conscious while working out in front of others. Working out at home can be a great way to build muscle and trim fat, without worrying about the prying eyes of others.

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