Be Your Own Miracle Maker

Be Your Own Miracle Maker

Here’s a fascinating secret about miracles: You can’t necessarily always place an order for magic at will, but you can deliberately create the conditions to create the Love, Money, Body & Spirit You Want. Here’s how to be your own Miracle Maker.

Create the Love, Money, Body & Spirit You Want

Although you can’t order magic at will, you can deliberately create the conditions – environment, atmosphere and attitude – that make miracles a thousand times more likely to occur.

Want to know how you can create a miracle-friendly world?

By taking these practical steps, you will bring magic into your relationships, health, finances and more! You can be your own Miracle Maker.

Your ability to be your own Miracle Maker is in direct proportion to your willingness to:

1. Tell yourself more truth about the situation you want to transform

The more honest you are about where you’re really at, the more personal power you have to realize your dreams. By aligning yourself accurately with what is real, you retrieve all of the life force you’ve invested in holding together false situations and relationships. This re-captured energy then attracts the goals you desire. In this universe what’s congruent gets the energy. What’s not congruent doesn’t get the energy.

Ask yourself:

  • Where am I not being honest or accurate about some aspect of my life?
  • What truth about my life is right now safe, timely, helpful, nurturing and liberating for me to acknowledge to myself?

2. Act “outside the box.”

To be your own Miracle Maker, know that all magic occurs beyond the boundaries of your current belief system.

Ask yourself:

  • What obstacles lie between me and moving outside my “comfort zone?”
  • Where could I let my vision for my life be more outrageous? More fun? More of what I really want?

3. Withdraw from collective mass consciousness

Step beyond general consensus to remove the limits of what’s possible for you to have.

Many people have changed society – and had fun – by doing “what couldn’t be done.” You can, too. When you withdraw your energy field from the energy field of the tribal collective agreement, you can create outside that agreement. Be “in the world, but not of it.”

Ask yourself:

  • Where in my life would it serve me to step a little further outside of mass consciousness thinking?

4. Use the Law of Attraction: Energize what you love with gratitude

Our magnetic field of energy is always (all ways) attracting exactly what we need to create our heart’s desires. Discover the ancient wisdom of multiplying what you have with deep thankfulness.

As you pour the vibration of appreciation into the love, health, prosperity, and joy that you already have, this vibration will magnetize more of the same to you. It’s the physics of the Universe.

Ask yourself:

  • What aspects of your life could I right now be genuinely grateful for?

5. Experience “concrete, physical” reality as energy

When we choose to experience so-called “solid” things as the vibrational energy – fields of energy – that they actually are, these aspects of our reality become infinitely more malleable and flexible in responding to our intentions.  And you’re on your way to be your own Miracle Maker.

Ask yourself?

  • Where am I willing right now to open to experiencing my body – and other people, conditions, animals, rocks, emotions – as an energy field (life force/flow dynamic) rather than as fixed, static, solid objects?

6. Reclaim your Personal Power

Ask yourself:

  • Am I energizing ideas and activities and maintaining relationships that no longer serve me?

When you choose to invest in those relationships and situations that do feed your dreams, you regain tremendous personal power. When you choose to call back your spirit from the people, ideas, and activities that no longer serve you, you regain tremendous personal power to invest in those relationships and situations that do feed your dreams.

Ask yourself?

  • What am I tolerating, avoiding or denying in my life right now?
  • Where am I compromising, sacrificing or settling for something less than what I really want?
  • Where could I invest my time, energy and attention that would really serve me?

7. Relax your grip on your belief system

When you release your vise grip on the rigid, fixed beliefs you inherited from society, the things can shift that need to shift to something new, fresh, wonderful and miraculous to happen to you.

Ask yourself:

  • What are my beliefs about how life operates?
  • How important are these beliefs to my survival, identity, reputation (need for approval) and sense of worth?
  • In what areas of my life could I right now relax my need to control the exact functioning of the people and events around me?

8. Build Your Chi – Your Internal Life Force Energy

Ask yourself:

  • Where could I be more accessible to energy-giving situations and people?
  • Where could I be more inaccessible to energy – draining situations and people?
  • How can I naturally and easily “build your internal life force chi” through activities that are fun for me?
  • What in my life am I not experiencing as an adventure?

9. Connect directly with Spirit

Your soul is in charge of your life! Your spirit has been running the show from behind the stage curtain since the beginning of time. Open a direct line to the wonders, wisdom, support, and guidance of your own brilliant soul plan.

Ask yourself:

  • How do I meditate/pray?
  • Is it as effective as I would like?
  • Have I tried a moving meditation? (example Tai Chi)

10. Align your personality with your soul

When you’re aligned with your true intentions in being here this lifetime, prosperity flows automatically with no effort or doing-ness. Align your everyday lifestyle with your soul vision and receive all the support, energy and love you need – and begin to enjoy the ride!

Ask yourself?

  • What actions could I take that would bring my life more in accord with my life’s purpose?
  • What changes could I make to be more authentic in my life?

11. Allow yourself to receive from your Spirit friends

The primary joy and purpose of our spirit friends – the Ascended Masters, guardian angels, spirit guides, nature devas, spirit animals – is to assist us to reach our life goals.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I regularly ask for assistance, and let in love and energy from my other dimensional allies?

12. Embrace your Shadow

What you choose not to see, you can’t change.

Ask yourself?

  • What weaknesses, faults, fears, and shortcomings do I feel I have: socially, physically, spiritually, romantically, financially, sexually?
  • Am I willing to open up to my soul’s point of view on my so-called “dark side”?

13. Hang with people who nurture you

By your own pre-arranged conscious design, old soulmates deliver messages to you that trigger timely awareness, alchemy and awakening.

Ask yourself:

  • What people and environments are not entirely safe, supportive or inspiring for me to be with?
  • Where could I refuse to let another be reckless with my heart?
  • Where could I be less reckless with another’s heart?
  • Where could I celebrate the success of others?

14. Listen to your body

If you listen to it, your body will tell you many things:

Ask yourself:

  • What lessons is my body reflecting to me?
  • What wake-up calls from my body have I been denying?
  • What’s the weight I’m carrying around?
  • What’s my body dying to tell me?

15. Follow the guiding signs and synchronicities Spirit gives you everyday

Our soul is always (all ways) trying to steer us toward our goals. We live in an interactive, responsive universe that is designed to fulfill our deepest dreams-if we would only play along! Allow your intuition to guide you to the forms and vehicles that will empower your spirit to express fully.

Ask yourself:

  • What messages and signals has the Universe been sending to me that I’ve been ignoring, misinterpreting, or are afraid to act on?

16. Choose to be innocent (free) of the past: Welcome surprise and serendipity

Open the door to more magic, meaning, and money in your world by learning to suspend skepticism and conditioned responses. Learn to surf through the surprises of life, instead of being swept away by them. Learn to be your own Miracle Maker.

17. Feng-shui your life: Give yourself a “space shift”

Feng-shui is the ancient art of consciously managing matter and energy within space.

By intuitively re-arranging the elements of your daily life, you create the space to nurture the freedom, opportunities, and effectiveness you desire. By clearing out the old, dead aspects of your life, you create a natural vacuum and an unblocked channel for fresh, new energy and ideas to come into your private and professional life.

Ask yourself:

  • How can I unblock my energy right now?
  • Where can I re-arrange the ways I live my everyday life in a fresh, new, intuitive way?

18. Live your life as an experiment

Consider your life as the latest-and greatest-experiment by human consciousness to express Heaven on Earth – or just to have fun playing in the 3rd dimension.

Ask yourself:

  • Where can I lighten up, celebrate and have more humor in my approach to living?

Following just some of these suggestions will put you on the right road to be your own Miracle Maker. Doing them all will definitely allow you to be your own Miracle Maker.

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Drawing from the wisdom of native and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his 30 years of practical success as an author, personal coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, vision quest guide and international seminar leader (The Dream Workshops). Keith helps people get the love, money, and health they want with his FREE “Prosperity Ezine” at

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